The Indian Army has decided to purchase about 546 Augmented Reality head mounted display systems. (ARHMD)This is an additional enhancement system that will allow the operator to display radar and thermal imaging data on an overlay while firing systems like many of our land based weapon systems such as the shoulder fired Iglas air defense system, the Zu-23 mm canon.

 After incorporating these systems into the army, it is going to improve the day-night fighting capability of the army as well as the decision making and reaction timing. According to the PTI report, the Indian Army is going to buy 554 such units within the Make-2 category.

In 22 feb it has been told by vendors participating that they are going to start making the prototype for this, now all these systems are going to be purchased within our Defense Procurement Policy 2020 and, Avi Jin 4 Companion On the other hand, after testing them, the orders will be placed to supply these systems to any one company after testing them.


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