Elbit system Seagull™ USVs

“Elbit systems” announced today that it was provided contracts, in an mixture quantity of about $fifty six million, to deliver Anti-Submarine warfare (ASW) abilities to the military of a country in Asia-Pacific. The contracts can be performed over a 12-month period.

Elbit system Seagull™ USVs

underneath the contracts, Elbit systems will offer the Seagull™ USVs which is categorised as an Unmanned surface Vessel configured to carry out ASW missions and the Towed Reelable active Passive Sonar (TRAPS) structures. The Seagull USVs will combine Helicopter/ship long-range active Sonars (HELRAS) and can be equipped with the enterprise’s autonomous suite, fight control system and satellite verbal exchange functionality. The TRAPS systems, a good way to be hooked up onboard the purchaser’s corvettes, are low frequency variable-intensity-sonars meant for detection, tracking and classification of submarines, midget submarines, floor vessels and torpedoes.

Oren Sabag, Co-GM manager of Elbit systems ISTAR & EW, commented: “advanced autonomous and sonar talents are a key to addressing the increasing challenges inside the underwater arena. According To GM of Elbit system they consider that their portfolio of well verified or tested maritime capabilities is well placed to assist the developing operational requirements of naval forces around the world.”


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