You all know that for the last few days a lot of pressure is being put on the Navy to buy additional Submarine.And now it has been decided to make 6 new nuclear and 3 new Scorpene class submarines,now we have 17 submarines.So after joining all these ,our submarine strength can increase significantly,But during this time,the process of decommission of our old Submarine is also going to start.According to the media report,from this year itself,the retirement of their submarines starting from the Navy is also going to start.And this year ,the INS Sindhuraaj is going to decommission by the Navy,which has been for the last 30 years.It was inducted into the Navy in 1978.And such total 8submarine was purchased by India from 1986 to 1991 and then in between 1998 to 2000 two submarine was purchased. So overall India had 10 such submarines.And these were the first submarines of the Indian Navy that could fire land attack and anti-missiles.But we lost one of these submarines in 2013 due to accident.Whose name was INS Sindhurakhyak,and another submarine INS Sindhuveer was gifted to Myanmar last year.Now slowly the Navy is going to replace the submarines of this series,which will be replaced by Scorpene submarines.So that’s why the idea of buying additional 3 scorpene submarine from Navy is being considered,So that our aim to maintain 24 conventional submarines can be achieved,Because if we want to only 6 Calavary class submarines together,then we will never be able to achieve it because at present,8 submarines are going to retire in the coming years.Although some of these submarines are going to be operational comfortably by 2030,work is still being started for this.


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