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Tejas a more reliable, higher-performance jet than Chinese fighters: US magazine


Talking about India’s Tejas aircraft, it has faced a lot of criticism from beginning itself, from beginning when its first test flight took place in 2001, it was Criticizing by Global Aerospace Experts , among them its late development. late Time line, performance issue, and imported parts were some of the major reasons. But despite all these, Tejas is a successful example of India’s self-reliant program. A recent report was published about this , a US-based magazine foreign policy, which talks about Tejas, even though Tejas uses a lot of imported items, such as its engine, radar , Electronics warfare systems are all imported from different countries, but india uses them all according to their own and It has a very talented engineer who can make even better products in the future, if any country does not produce any specific equipment, then it can buy it from another country and there is nothing to critique it.

India was trying to develop its own Kaveri engine but, due to not being successful in this, India has to work with General Electric’s GE-604 engine, but now India is working with many foreign companies to build its own aerospace engine, if we talk about China, China has not been able to make its own engine even today and most of the Chinese aircrafts use Russian engine, and all the engine which China says is its own , is a copy of all the old Russian engines.

According to the foreign policy, it was the first aircraft in India ,if we talk about the Mark 1 variant of Tejas, but if we are talking about its MK1 A variant, then its more affordable than F-16, even though it is slightly more expensive than the Chinese fighter aircraft. But it is more reliable than Chinese fighter jets, all the components that have been used in Tejas are all tried and tested equipment, and till date, there was not a single technical fault in Tejas . This is a major reason for this.

Going forward with this, India is also going to have a chance to export it, and in the future, India can become a very big defense export hub, according to the foreign policy, if Tejas is dressed with any Chinese jet of this standard. , Except for the price, it is better than them in every respect. Those who want performance, reliability and safety, they are going to like to choose Tejas on the wake of Chinese jets.



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