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Uttam-AESA-MK2 : A new radar for LCA-AF-mk2

Uttam AESA

A few months ago a report was revealed in which it was told that the process of making the Tejas MK-2 will start soon, and by June or July of next year its first draft will be ready, now everyone knows that The UTTAM AESA radar is going to be used in Tejas Mk2/LCA-AF-mk2, but the Uttam AESA radar that will be used in Tejas Mk2, it is going to be a bit different than the current Uttam AESA Radar, as the MK-2 variant is slightly larger. and it is going to be a medium weight class fighter, so its radar is also going to be better than the LCA variant. The Initial variant of Uttam AESA radar has nearly 780 TR modules in it.but wea are going to use a scaled up variant for Tejas mk2,which ll have nearly 992 TR modules.

Now during the Arrow India show this year, it was reported that the frontal nose section in the LCA -AF -MK-2 is slightly smaller than the Tejas’ MK1 variant or MK-1A variant, but we can fit a larger size radar in LCA-Af-mk2. An official tender has been floated by LRDE to procure two scaled up variants of Uttam AESA Radar, The L-1 and the L2 bidder have to deliver the following units with in 7 months.as we are going to make the First LCA-AF-MK2 prototype before Aug-2022.

Now according to LRDE, there is no need to test these radars extensively because its just a scaled up variant of the base variant of Utaam ASA radar,so its basic architecture is identical to initial variant ,but it is going to provide us better range as we have increased the TR modules and the power input .now the same variant of Uttam AESA radar will be used to replace the Zuke-m Series Radar ,which is used in Mig-29UPG and Mig-29K series aircrafts.also there is a chance for developing a MK-3 variant of Uttam AESA radar,that can be used in super sukhoi upgradation upgradation program.



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